Boxcab bashing ideas

Boxcab bashing ideas ... to kick-start your creativity!

Sam Barbose chopped up parts from our original #351 Boxcab to create his delightful "Jake & Elwood" mini-boxcabs.  These little munchkins use power trucks from the old Bachmann 44-ton dual-motor loco.

Sam's effort inspired Allen Littlefield to create a little bit larger version to fit the Bachmann On30 Davenport mechanism.  We thought Allen's version looked "just right" and, with Allen's permission, introduced our "Little-Bose" boxcab kit to offer a version of Sam and Allen's creations to others.

The kit version comes loaded with details like headlight, horn, bell and muffler.  Available as a single or in a two-pack as shown here.

Herwig Gerstner of Austria used the Little-Bose boxcabs as the starting point for his amazing electric rack-railway locos.  He used a longer European drive mechanism, added towering pantographs, louvered panels (similar to our #413 intake panels) on the sides and modified the rear end to add a door.  Herwig also extended the roof and applied the muffler included in the kit to take advantage of its alternate use as an air tank.

Jim Favre matched our KD-09 Boxcab Front with our CH-02 Combine Sides to create this wonderful little doodlebug.  You can mix-n-match parts from our "Kitbashing Parts" assortment ... or substitute the CH-02 combine sides for the sides in the Little-Bose boxcab to make your own doodlebug!

(For a traction loco, consider cutting doors into the center of our KD-10 plain boxcab end and use the CH-01 baggage sides!)

Steve Wolfhope kitbashed this fabulous and much larger doodlebug using a Bachmann combine, scratchbuilt doors, our KD-09 Boxcab Front and several BVM detail parts.

Now for a really tiny boxy critter ... Jim Favre kitbashed our #507 Shorty Caboose and fit it to the power truck from an old Bachmann 44-ton  loco to create his "outhouse" motor car.  You could use a similar approach to build a larger boxcar speeder ... or whatever you might imagine!

Our kits make a great starting point for many kitbashing projects!  Let you imagination run wild ... and send us some photos so we can share your creations to inspire others.

(c) 2008 Dallas Mallerich III.  You may print/save this article for personal reference.  Any other use requires written permission.

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