Work train bashes

You can kitbash a variety of work train cars using BVM kits!

Hans Schuemie of the Netherlands recently sent more photos of his creative kitbashing and the resulting work train equipment ... which sparked the idea of gathering a collection of YOUR photos to create this article.  You'll find a variety of ideas to spark your imagination and kick-start kitbashing projects for your railroad.  Larger versions of most of these photos can be found under the BVM kit listings linked on this page.  Have fun!

Hans Schuemie created this outstanding plow by rearranging the body components of our Office Car -- he spliced the original end onto the side and used the side section with windows to create a new end ... then he added a bulky rotary plow.  Consider components from HO scale plows, cranes, etc. when planning your own bashes!

Real railroads often cannibalized and refurbished old freight cars to create "new" pieces of work train equipment as needed.

Sam Barbose stretched the frame of our 16' flatcar and added the cabin from our shorty caboose to create this great work caboose.

With Sam's permission, we added the "Workboose" to our line to simplify the project ... it can serve as a work-train caboose with space to haul supplies ... or as a boom tender for a crane.

Hans Schuemie added a crane to his Workboose to create a great little supply car for his work train.

Dave Wingrove created this dramatic plow using our Workboose as the base ... then he scratchbuilt a cupola and forward cabin to match the style of the workboose cabin ... and added a great wedge plow with hinged side panels and a large headlight to light the way!

Hans Schuemie created a completely different look by shifting the cabin to the center of the Workboose and adding a large rotary plow attachment with a driveshaft running into the cabin.

This scenic photo on Lars Ringqvist's On30 layout in Sweden reminds us that the basic flatcar is an essential piece of work train equipment!  Great for hauling ties, supplies, machinery, etc.

Sam Barbose used our 16' flatcar as the base for this great fuel supply car.

Sam used another 16' flatcar as the base for this weed-spraying car.

Allen Littlefield shows that a little pedestal flatcar can be equally useful in work train service ... hauling gravel for his Bridge Creek Railroad.

Jeff Law combined two of our shorty flatcars to create a 14' flatcar as the base for this great open-air tool car ... you could do the same with our 16' flatcar too!

Back to the "big" stuff!  Hans Schuemie did a radical bash to our Tool Car to create this terrific wedge plow.  He narrowed the car end, angeled the sides and roof and built up an impressive plow assembly ... and left a distinctive open-air area on the rear end.  Super!

Chuck Chenault also used our Tool Car to kitbash this work caboose for his Cotton Creek Railroad ... this car would serve well as a boom tender too!

Our Tool Car and Office Car kits build "instant" work train equipment right out of the box and provide a nice compliment to customized cars like the ones shown in this article!

Kitbashing is a great way to customize equipment to reflect your individual interests and create "personality" for your railroad.  Projects like the ones shown here will require extra materials, components from various suppliers ... parts scavenged from HO, S or O scale equipment ... well, you get the idea!  And, speaking of ideas ... feel free to email us to discuss your kitbashing projects.

Thanks to all the great modelers for sharing their wonderful projects, ideas and photos.  Please send photos of YOUR projects to help inspire others!

Thank you!  Dallas Mallerich

(c) Copyright 2008 Dallas Mallerich III.   You may print/save a copy of this article for your personal use.  Any other use requires written permission.

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