Log car, chains #2

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Our 15' Chunky Little Log Cars includes chains and fittings that may be arranged in a variety of ways.  Check out all FOUR of the chain techniques shown and choose your favorite ... or create your own!

Chain Technique #2 -- Easily Removable / Between the logs

Real railroads often chained the bottom logs and used the weight of the top log(s) to hold the chains taut -- here's one way to model that look.  If you run operating sessions that require easily removable logs to simulate movement of loaded and empty cars, then choose Technique #1 or #2 for easily-removable loads!

Step 1 -- Cut a piece of wax paper to fit across the bunks as shown (beneath logs).  We'll be gluing these logs together with hot glue.  The wax paper will prevent damaging the cars finish or accidentally gluing the load in place!  Place bottom logs.  Drape chain as shown, leaving enough hanging over each side to be glued underneath.

IMPORTANT:  Step 1a -- We suggest that you pre-weather the chain for this technique!  The kit includes "blackened" chain, but this still has a little bit of shine as seen in these photos (compare to weathered chain on the trucks).  We suggest that you measure the required length of chain as shown and pre-weather with chalks or washes prior to gluing.

Step 2 -- Make sure the chains are located between the log bunks so the load will sit flat.  Push the chain into the open areas between the bottom logs.  Add a few small dabs of super glue to secure the chain to keep it from shifting when the top logs are added.  Add these dabs of glue where they won't show on the finished load!

Step 3 -- Use dabs of hot glue to secure the top logs.  (See Chains-1 for illustration of hot glue.)

Step 4 -- Remove logs.  Place a piece of scrap paper next to the car and make marks as shown -- these will provide a guide for making sure the chains that are wrapped around the logs will fit between the bunks.  This will allow the load to sit flat.

Step 5 -- Add more hot glue between the logs to strengthen.  Glue ends of chain in place beneath the logs using the paper template shown in previous step to make sure they're wrapped underneath the logs to fit between the bunks.  The additional hot glue between the logs will strengthen the load to endure the handling while loading and unloading the car.

Step 6 -- Have fun running your new log cars!  This technique provides an easy way to reproduce the look of a prototypical load while keeping the model load easily removable for operation.  Take "loads" out of the woods and deliver them to your sawmill or interchange.  Then, when nobody's looking, you can lift away the load as shown to simulate a car that has been emptied at its destination ... ready for another run into the woods!

Happy Footnote -- The 15' Chunky Little Log Cars include enough chain and fittings to secure loads using any of the four techniques shown, plus the chains used to "hang" the trucks.  If you're using larger loads than those shown or wish to experiment with other techniques that require more chain, check out our #417 Chain for additional material.  Logs are NOT included in the kits ... see "Log car loads" for suggested resources!

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