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Recent News & Updates ...

October 11, 2015 -- New hours for placing orders by telephone -- Monday thru Friday, 7-10 pm eastern time.  Weekends as available.  Phone:  410-366-6450

October 11, 2015 -- Please note that we plan to "close shop" between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Please place seasonal orders early!


Wonderful water cars by On30 modeler Thayer Syme:


A highly-imaginative and kitbash of the BVM Silver City Sidewinder by On30 modeler Jim James:

September 27, 2014:  We're offering a limited reissue of our popular Mighty Midget kits (circa 2002-04) ... and a variety of separate brake detail parts for your various projects!

May 30, 2014 -- We've added a GREAT new car to our popular "hunkered-down" series -- the 18' side-door coal & ore car -- check it out!

May 30, 2014 -- New article & free artwork to use if you'd like to print your own copies of the custom F&CC decals we made for our sample ore car.


May 21, 2014We've added a new RIVETED version of our popular side-door critter cabs!  Available on the KD-06 thru KD-08 kits (click photo above) -- and, yes, you can still get the original welded version if you prefer!


February 13, 2014:  Two new 18' Hunkered-Down freight kits introduced!  Both on sale thru the end of the month.  Click the boxes above for more photos and info!






April 8, 2013:  Well, at long last!  We're now taking orders for the first in our new "Hunkered Down" series ... the 18' Composite Boxcar.  This one's a real beauty ... combining wood and metal construction for endless painting and weathering possibilities.  You can now order trucks on the same page as the kit ... and when the kit is on sale, the matching trucks are also discounted!  While there, checkout the thumbnails at the bottom of the page for more photos (and please send photos once you've completed your model) ... and also check out the LARGE FORMAT instructions that you can download and save to your computer for reference.  The large format instructions feature large print and larger photos ... for those of us who've "reached that age" (Sigh, laugh, wink) ... and for those who would just find some larger photos helpful!  You'll find a link to these on the product pages.  Thanks for your interest in the new series ... watch for more releases as time allows!

March 10, 2013:  Whew!  Our site was down over the weekend for a good reason!  We've enchanced security, added some new ordering options and some new checkout options.

  • Now you can order trucks on the same page as the kits!
  • Now you can use Pay-Pal directly through the the checkout.  Use the yellow button shown above to ship to your confirmed Pay-Pal address ... or click the "go to checkout" button if you want to use Pay-Pal and ship to an alternate address.
  • You can still use a Credit Card, check or money order through the regular checkout!
  • Also note that pre-payment is now required on all orders and please remember that all items are made to order in a one-man shop ... most orders are shipped about 2-3 weeks after receipt, but when things get busy there literally aren't enough hours in the day ... so please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery!  (I'm a modeler too and know that you want things as quickly as possible, so I'll do everything I can to keep orders flowing!)

February 17, 2013: Nearly ready to take orders for the new 18' Hunkered Down composite boxcar ... but, first, a few web site updates to be done before things get too crazy! Click image above to see the latest article! (And look for the "Tips & Techniques" box on the left side of the site to find more articles and tutorials.) Oh yeah ... there really are a bunch of various web site updates underway ... did you notice the new header logo? ☺

January 31, 2013: Almost there! Just have to fade the new decals on the letterboards and do a few other finishing touches to wrap up the sample for the new painting tutorial. Meanwhile, making production molds and doing some other prep to get the new series of Hunkered Down cars going. Stay tuned!

January 26, 2013: Making more progress on the new painting tutorial ... also making multiple sets of production molds for the new kit. Still have to write the instructions, do some web site software & other "pesky" stuff ... but we're getting closer! ☺

January 21, 2013: Over the last couple of years, I've been working on some 1/35 scale projects to try to learn new techniques and develop new skills ... some of those are proving quite handy here, so I'm working on a new tutorial about using some intermediate and advanced techniques on the new Hunkered Down 18' Composite boxcar. I'll put these altogether on the web site here when finished ... meanwhile, you can follow along here:

January 12, 2013: It's as LOW as you can GO ... and still use couplers! ☺

Don't let that "worm's eye" view fool you ... these puppies REALLY hug the rails! Stay tuned for final assembly & paint ... and, oh yeah, info on availability will follow!

January 11, 2013 -- So far ... so good! ☺

January 11, 2013 -- Sample castings from new Hunkered-Down 18' Composite Boxcar. The door opens to reveal ... my workbench! :-)


January 7, 2013: Patterns are finished for the 18-foot Composite Boxcar ... first in the new Hunkered Down series. Will be pouring test molds and making sample castings over the next few days. This car has LOADS of neat new details and lots of character! More sneak peeks will follow ...

January 4, 2013: I've added some "teaser" photos to the main page and repeated them here. We've been planning to add some 18-foot cars to "mix it up" a bit ... because it does look good to have a variety of equipment in the roster. Then Bachmann announced their 18-foot cars and I though "Hmm, those guys are trying to sneak in on my turf!" Well, they fell a bit short (IMO) with another series of high-riding cars with funky little misfit stirrups, overly-wide trucks and a few other "glitches" (not that I'm being critical here -- LOL!) So, the good news is that the 18-foot cars that I had planned are definitely a "go" and the first of these will be available very soon. It's a "composite" boxcar, meaning one made from wood and metal. Inspired by some standard gauge US Army boxcars rotting away in the East Broad Top yard, the "shed" shown in the previews and a variety of other narrow gauge composite designs. And, yes, we'll definitely give you the best "hunkered down" look that On30 has ever seen! Stay tuned ...







Some older posts that may still be of interest ...

April 16, 2010: I've added another thread to the Railroad-Line forum to describe a 1/35 scale project that I've started. If you're interested in modeling in other scales, please have a look: Chambers Gas & Oil structure build in 1/35.


February 24, 2010 -- my turntable project: Over the last few months, I've been scratchbuilding a gallows turntable for a micro-layout project. This actually mounts on top of an Atlas turntable, which provides the drive and indexing. No, it's NOT a new kit ... but I've been posting the entire project on the Railroad Line forum and there's pretty much a complete "how-to" on the project there: Small On30 or 55n3 Gallows Turntable build/bash (click blue text) ... and if you need a set of plans to undertake a similar project, let me know and I'll point you to some!

February 24, 2010 -- micro-layout project: The turntable will be a focal point on this little 20x33" micro-layout that I'm building. I'm doing it in "55n3" (1/55 scale) as an experiment ... using this scale, HO gauge track works out to actual 3' gauge ... and the "28mm" war-gaming figures scale properly as well. Found a nice selection of those in an "old west" theme, so the railroad is set in the desert and it's called the Dead Mule & Sinagua RR. This will be a slow-going project (the turntable took a few months!) ... but it's my first effort at modeling southwestern scenery, and provides some other interesting challenges with the new scale/gauge combination. (Actually, just a bit smaller in scale than On30 ... so I'll be able to use some of the small BVM On30 stock on this railroad!) You can follow construction of this layout on the Railroad Line forum as well: 55n3 Dead Mule & Sinagua RR (click blue text). Oh, and of course the "plan" is easily adaptable to On30 as well! (January 2013 update: Well, it's still VERY unfinished, but not forgotten!)

June 10, 2009: Norway and Luxembourg have been added to the countries that will be accepted by our shopping cart. Thanks to all our friends around the world! (If your country is not accepted, please send an email to check -- some countries are omitted due to shipping difficulties in those areas, but some others can be added.)

January 10, 2009: Happy New Year! I've just added a popular article from our old web site -- "Painting with Dry Pigments" illustrates a great way to achieve weathered wood tones use dry weathering pigments. Techniques are shown on our 15' log cars, but they're useful on other car types too! More articles and new photos will be added as time allows. Thanks to all who kept us quite busy during the holidays.


November 4, 2008: Added a new article called "Work Train Bashes" ... featuring a variety of great kitbashes ranging from simple tool cars to far-out snowplows! Look for the "Tips & Techniques" section on the left side of the page to see all of our articles.

October 28, 2008: Our new site is officially open for business! Thank you for your patience and support during this busy time.

October 26-27, 2008: Added many more product listings, customer photos and articles including two new articles: Boxcab Bashing Ideas and Hopper Bash & Details.

October 25, 2008: Look for the "Tips & Techniques" box on the left side of the page to see our handy articles! Added the "Critter Bash, 35-ton" article. More to come ...

October 23, 2008: Completed the "About Us" section with some background info.

October 22, 2008: Gallery photos are now included in the product listings! So if you already have kit #383 for example ... go ahead and take a look at the #383 Ruffled Duckling listing to see photos of kits built by your fellow modelers. It's a great way to get new ideas about paint schemes, detailing and kitbashing!

October 20, 2008: We're making progress ... adding descriptions of our extensive line and recreating the many "how-to" articles from our old site.

October 1, 2008: Uh-oh! We've just received word that the old Boulder Valley Models site will close at the end of October ...and now the mad-scramble begins. Thank you for your patience as we construct an all-new site in short order! (The old site was built over a period of 8 YEARS ... our new site will be up and running by the end of the month with some great new features.)

November 26, 2008: Now you can purchase BVM Gift Certificates on line! If you're shopping for an On30 Modeler, you know how hard it can be to find just the right item ... so choose a Gift Certificate and let your friend or loved one choose his or her favorite item(s). (And if you're hoping to receive a gift certificate, point your friends, family and/or Santa Claus to our site!)



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