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Over the years, we've had a number of requests to email copies of our instruction sheets to replace lost or misplaced copies ... or by those who simply want to "preview" a kit before purchasing. As time allows, we'll add on-line copies here so you can download and print ... or simply open and have a look. I've written a number of articles for the hobby magazines over the years, and I think you'll find that the BVM instructions are a lot like a good construction article ... and nothing like those confusing "exploded diagram" instructions that come with discount store items ... or techno-whiz instructions that come with digital cameras and computer! -- Dallas

  • It'll take a while to convert everything to pdf format and upload. Meanwhile, here's a few to get started ... and you're welcome to email any special requests. Speaking of which, if you want to special order individual parts from a certain kit for your building or bashing projects, take a look at the "Parts Listing" for that kit. Use the kit number and part number (or letter) to let me know what you need!
  • Files are in "pdf" format, which will open with Adobe Reader. You can left-click to open and have a look, or right-click to save to your computer and print later.

Newest Releases:

  • Steam Locomotives:

    Diesel & "Critter" Locomotives:

    Railcars & Speeders:

    Rolling Stock:

    More to come! As noted, it does take time to convert files to pdf, upload them and so forth ... and there's only one of "us" here to do all these things. So, thank you for your patience and please don't hesitate to email if you have any special requests.

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